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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you pay me for participating in experiments? How much? 135 persons
Do I have to show up when I am invited to an experiment? 66 persons
How can I cancel my registration for an experiment? 49 persons
I see that there are sessions with free places in the calendar, so why can't I sign up for these sessions? 43 persons
What is the meaning of the three question marks "???" next to an experiment in the list "Experiments you participated in"? 40 persons
I signed up for an experiment, but cannot sign up for all the other experiments now, since they just disappeared! 39 persons
Should I put in fake information when creating a subject account? 32 persons
Who can apply for a subject account? 31 persons
What is a show-up fee? Do all studies pay a show-up fee? 10 persons
What do I do if I registered for an ORSEE account, but haven't received a confirmation email.? 4 persons
How do I unsubscribe from the Paid Study Pool? 1 persons
What do I do if I am having trouble signing in with my password, or have locked out of my account? 1 persons

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